Friday, January 18, 2008

Follow Your Dreams

Sometimes i really wondered why i ended up being a writer. Recently, I told a colleague of mine of my intentions to take the on-going JAMB registration to study Law. "Don't you think you are too old for that now", Came his response. You should considering how you are going to raise your children", he continued. as much as i appreciated his concern for my family life, i didn't think i was too old to go back to school to take an undergraduate program. After all i read recently about an 85-year-old who just graduated from a University, unfortunately she died two weeks after graduation. At the old woman's funeral, her granddaughter said in her speech that the old woman's utmost desire was to become a graduate and she died once it was achieved.
Let's not divert from our discussion. Anyway, i gave up the idea of going back for an undergraduate program not because i don't like the profession like i used to but i have discovered that writing is the blood that flows in my vein and the act of public speaking is the water there in. So what do i do? Continue writing of course.
But let me, first tell you what happened when i made up my mind not to study Law. After my secondary school, my uncle whom i lived with felt i was a very intelligent girl and so should go and study law. Law was a profession assumed to be for intelligent people. In my secondary school days i won lots of academic that convinced my uncle for the profession he choose for me. At first, i didn't oppose since my results were good enough for to study the course but one day as i sat by my window meditating on who God really is i remembered my childhood dreams. I wanted to be a public speaker. I wanted to speak and see people get motivated to achieve their dreams. I dreamt of being on TV and speaking to many people at the same time. I remembered my mother encouraging me to be a broadcaster.
So i started to read about public speakers and broadcaster. Then i made up my mind that i was going to study Mass Communication. Now you can imagine what. That didn't go well with my uncle who wanted me to be the only-almighty-lawyer in the family. Guess what? That resulted into a family fracas for a very long time. But i am glad that i followed my heart even though i was a little girl then.
I am not yet an accomplish writer, maybe just starting. Until i have written more than Karen Kingsbury has ever written in her life, i wouldn't say i am accomplished but i am grateful to God for how far He has brought me. Just to mention, Karen Kingsbury is my mentor in writing. We haven't met physically but i love her not just because she inspires me but because she loves the Lord and put smiles on the faces of many.
So, now i write for newspapers, magazines, books, journals and all.
Soon you are going to be holding my book in your hands.

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Anonymous said...

you are beauty with brains
keep the fire burning and will get there.